I don’t even know where to begin. This scene is so heartbreaking if you focus on Sherlock. From the second John entered the lab at Barts, Sherlock turned on the charm, and here he is, showing off his deduction skills, which as far as he’s concerned are the most important part of who he is.

That little tired sigh in the third gif? He’s saying “there, I did my best, this is where you call me a freak and slam the door on my face”. Then there’s his pained expression while he waits for John to comment, and when you see it frame by frame it gets worse, for a second it’s almost as if he’s stifling tears. And at last that “what did he just say?” look in the last gif, because this hasn’t happened before, because he’s genuinely shocked that John has just praised him.

I don’t care if you ship them or not, this, right here, is human nature in its purest expression. And some superb acting.

Dear god thou awoke my feels